Everyone wants to grow their business and continuous efforts for the same. But only a few of them get success. It is because they are not optimizing their strategy for building their email list. An email list is a collection of the email addresses that are further helpful in lead generation campaign. Here you will surely learn proven methods to grow email list by 3x every month when you read this article.

If you are not working to grow your email list, you can never get the results that you deserve. As a marketer, you need to update your list from time to time. This helps you to add new contacts in your list and removing the contacts who already unsubscribed your services. Below are some ways that will help you grow your email list.

Create an Attractive & Shorten Signup Form

The signup form is used to take information about the customer. So, it plays an important role to grow your email list. Don’t make it so long. If you ask more information to the user then there may be a chance that they may not fill your form. So, keep it simple and attractive. With this, you can easily take your viewer’s info that you can use in further process.

Create a Quiz to Take Information

To attract and engage your viewers, you can offer a contest or quiz and ask some questions related to your brand or services. Ask their email Id or name to send their results. You can also announce prizes, discount coupons to the participants and winners.

Create Effective Email Content

Yes, email content is also a way to grow your email list. If you are providing content that is engaging, useful and entertaining enough for your subscribers then they will not unsubscribe your services. In fact, they will look forward to your emails and also share this with their friends.

Promote Your Brand Through Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to promote anything. Create an offer, upload it to social media and ask your visitors to register for that. You can get more subscribers as you can connect with more and more people through social media.

Customer’s Feedback

You can easily improve your business by knowing the problems of your customers; they are facing your brand or services. The higher the positive reviews, the more brand value you get. You can improve the quality of your services that will ultimately help you to grow your email list.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging helps you to build your contacts and find your new customers. Find out some reliable sites and ask their owners to write a guest post for them. Include a link or call-To-Action button on your guest post. It will give a chance to your readers to find out your sites or blogs to subscribe to your email newsletters.

If you have an email list that is long & fresh and there are no unnecessary contacts present in that, then you can easily grow your business. Use the above ways to grow your email list.

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